“People who come to coaching usually feel stuck in some way and are fed up with settling for the status quo. I partner with the authentic you as you go for what you really want, and step fully into your brilliance.”

testimonial Laura-LalloneLaurie is one in a million. She’s so kind and holds such a loving space and she has a brilliant and sharp mind for business. The combination is magical! Her willingness to share all that she knows and all that she sees really touches my heart.

Recently I came to Laurie while going through a major career transition. I was being called to do something big in the world – if only I could figure out exactly what that was! Of course I had clues, but I also had lots of blocks and stubborn old patterns that were preventing me from moving forward.

Laurie instantly put me at ease. She just gets it. She calls upon such wisdom and intuition to help clear out the old stuff. She’s so spot on that it’s shocking and amusing! I arrived for a session and Laurie shared that she had woken up to the smell of a skunk in her yard. Knowing that nothing happens by accident, she prepared some insight for me on the meaning behind the “skunk energy.”

Wouldn’t you know that insight was EXACTLY what my consciousness needed to hear to break through my biggest, self-imposed barrier! This pattern goes back for generations. Breaking through has significantly improved the way I communicate with everyone – especially my partner – and the way that I take care of myself. And that change has opened up the flow for success in every area of my life.

I could write volumes on the magic that’s come through my work with Laurie. Maybe I will!

Laura Lallone
Freelance Writing & Editing Partner

testimonial Christin-MillerLaurie Hacking is blessed with the insight and ability to quickly determine why you are struggling with your business and develop the ideal strategies to get you back on track.

Laurie has helped me uncover limiting beliefs that I was not even aware I had, and then clear them out. She encouraged me to tap into my intuition and become clearer regarding my goals and intentions. With Laurie’s guidance, I have become a more effective communicator, which has enhanced my relationships with my clients.

Because of my work with Laurie I am more confident in my talents and skills, clearer regarding what I want to achieve, and I experience much less “work related” stress. Laurie is not only the most talented coach I have ever worked with, she is also one of the most kind and giving people I know. She is and always will be my trusted advisor.

Christin Miller
Maverick Design and Marketing

testimoninal Claudia-OssaWhen I first joined Laurie’s Business Mastermind group, I had a fuzzy dream that I would start a social networking site for foodies. I loved the idea of it, but was stuck in inaction and had no plan how to dig myself out of that hole.

I still have my design business, which I love…AND my “dream” is now a reality. I created the TastyBits blog as a way to share my obsession for food lifestyle with everyone. My YouTube channel, Claudia’s Tasty Bits has taken on a life of its own and I am super proud to be a member of the Tastemade Network of foodie talent.

The energy, momentum, support and accountability that I got from the mastermind group and my work with Laurie is like nothing I have every experienced. I believe in magic because I am living it!

Claudia Ossa, Creative Director
Founder, – Tasty Bits

testimonial Jackie-PageThe Business Mastermind group transformed me. When I first said YES!, I was breaking my back doing most of the manual labor for my interior re-design business. I was tired, broke, and out of flow. I didn’t even have the confidence to call myself a designer. I had a big dream, but I was wandering the streets alone and without a map.

Insert, Laurie. Not only did Laurie give me a map, she taught me how to effectively use tools to navigate the twist and turns of life. I now call myself a designer, because I am a designer. I came onto the calls dreaming of a design show, and guess what? I followed that map straight to my dream.

I booked a pilot for the “Style Network” and I was featured on an episode of “Celebrity Rehab.” With the support from Laurie and the group, I dream bigger and every day I feel like I navigate life a little better than the day before. Life’s a work in progress, but you’ve got to do the work to grow. I invested in Laurie and in return the Universe invested in me. I continue to grow with her because it works!

Jackie Page, Founder
ALTER by Jackie Page

testimonial Wendy-DarlingI was fairly new to southern California and was longing for my work to blossom, yet I felt that something within me was getting in the way.  I met Laurie and was drawn to work with her.

After just ONE session, I immediately began attracting clients again.  Her insights, wisdom, connection with spirit and her healing gifts are a blessing to anyone who wants to spread their wings and fly free and in flow.

Wendy Darling
Relationship and Transformational Change Expert
Miraculous Living