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Conscious Business Builders

Are you wanting to elevate your business? Magnetize more abundance?

Running in the old, toxic model of finding success can be exhausting and unproductive. You can choose a different approach! I will help you…

  • Get explicitly clear and intentional about what you really want
  • Identify and release self-defeating blocks to inspiration and innovation
  • Strategize power steps that take your business to the next level
  • Show up with a success mindset that sets you apart from your crowded field
  • Build your business from a place of balance and soul

When you decide to change, to let go of old, limiting beliefs and claim how deserving you are, your energy becomes magnetic so you can attract More of your ideal clients, have More money flowing in and make even More of a powerful impact!

Why Step Into More with Laurie?

Judy Lu-Testimonial

Judith Lu
Founder & CEO
Blue Zone Wealth Advisors 

Laurie is like no other coach, advisor or friend you will ever meet. I first met Laurie when I was looking for help with a personal matter. I had no idea she would end up helping me not just find peace within myself, but also realize how much I was leaving on the table in my professional life.

Laurie provides a unique combination of healing techniques and practical and actionable coaching that is rare to find.  Her business background gives me the comfort of knowing she understands my day to day stresses.  She’s been there and she gets where I’m coming from.  Laurie taught me a sustainable model for caring, that begins with taking care of myself, which in turn allows me to care for others without completely giving everything away.  With Laurie’s help, I have learned how to show myself compassion that I am so quick to give others, yet never learned to show myself.  She has taught me to trust myself, to listen to my inner voice and to claim my power to make choices in best service to myself. Read More

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