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Stop and Inhale

The truth is, it’s not about whether you’ve achieved all the success you’re wanting or whether you haven’t. It’s about the way you breathe into your life.

Great quote by Mattie Stepanek “Choose to inhale. Do not breathe simply to exist. That’s not always easy, but it is always worth it.”

What’s a word that describes how you want to breathe into your life?



Making a New Agreement With Money

So often I uncover old agreements, old beliefs, my clients have that clog up their flow of success. Maybe it looks like this for you…I’m not enough; it’s just a matter of time until people see I don’t know enough.

We convince ourselves that it’s truth…and it’s not truth.

I see it every day around money. You may not even know you have this agreement, but does something like this sound familiar?

I want more money, but not too much.

I don’t want to be one of ‘them’.

I want More for you.


You Can Create More Money Flow

money flowLet’s be real. There’s been so much uncertainty, stress and anxiety from all that’s happening in the world around us that’s it’s easy to not feel in a place of flow.

But it’s also a time of choice. We can open up the lens and choose to look at this time in new ways, with new perspectives.

When we get clear and intentional about what we want and then choose to be in a place of curiosity, beautiful, unexpected things can happy.

That’s how we innovate. That’s the energy we radiate that attracts our perfect clients, money and good opportunities.

Here’s to you turning on your Money Flow!