About Laurie

Step-into-More-Laurie-Hacking-Free-Your-Money-FlowLaurie Hacking

My clients are hungry to have a more conscious awareness of the true power that’s within them. When we clear out old negative thoughts and beliefs, you can open to creating a successful business, a beautiful life.

I offer a unique blend of practical business strategies and clearings of negative energies. I use a blend of healing modalities, including Biofield Healing, to identify and bring to harmony disruptive energies that hold you back. We then release the subconscious beliefs and emotions that block you so you can step into high-level success. You’ll get my loving attention, my business and selling savvy and my intuitive energy clearing so that business is flowing and people are jumping up and down to work with you. Isn’t it time for you to leverage all the work and love you’ve invested in your business?

My business background includes 16 years in the Foreign Exchange markets where I led Bank of America’s trading and sales teams in Chicago and Los Angeles. As the only woman manager of their major trading rooms worldwide, I learned how to be wildly successful, have money flowing and be fully authentic, all at the same time.

I want the same for you!

One-on-One Coaching

I work with people who are hungry for More.

It’s such a blessing doing this work, witnessing every day the powerful shifts that happen to my amazing clients as they release old vows of poverty and embrace down to their toes how deserving they are to attract More Freedom, More Success, More Money Flow.

What about you?

Are you ready to step into MORE?

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