Laurie’s Book


You know that feeling?
Life isn’t terrible…but there’s just something missing.
You know there’s More!


Flo, like you, is smart, really good at what she does and has a big, beautiful heart.

She wants to grow a business that is right for her, but can’t get clarity about what the next steps are. So much feels outside of her control and she’s filled with self-judgment, scarcity fears, anxiety and stress.

It’s hard to get to your dream vision when you aren’t claiming your truth, that you are resilient, strong, and fully worthy of creating a thriving business and a beautiful life.

I know with certainty that when you clear old toxic thoughts and beliefs and tap into your strength, you will find your way to the top of your mountain.

You are powerful. Know that! Trust that!

The Business Alchemist and her animal guides, Hawk and Butterfly, were there to support, challenge and guide Flo. I’m here for you!

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