Step-into-More-Laurie-Hacking-Free-Your-Money-FlowHear the amazing results business owners are achieving when they stretch to their competitive edge.

Melissa-Estrada-Praise-2018When I met Laurie I was curious about her work as an intuitive business coach. I knew I was interested in the energy work, but didn’t really have faith that it could be applicable in business. I was in a place of complacency with my practice and knew I wasn’t fully satisfied.

There are two things that Laurie’s work did for me. First, once I started working with her, my business goals became clear. I was able to identify what it was that was blocking my growth, and focus on bringing in the right energy to create a path to the success and career I wanted to live. After working with her only a few times, I attracted the perfect position at a perfectly aligned firm. I am growing my practice quicker than I ever have, and I do believe this is just the beginning. As I continue to work with her, I continue to unblock anything that prevents me from moving forward. I am extremely excited about where I’m at now, and even more excited about what we’ve already prepared for the future.

Second, she improved the relationships in my life. By clearing some of the negative energy I held on to, that as we found went back generations, there was a noticeable difference in all my interactions with the people in my life. Not only did I become more patient and understanding, but they seemed to be lighter as well. There was such an improvement in my familial relationships that they asked me to continue to do whatever it was I was doing. Laurie is truly a life changer!

Melissa Estrada
Investment Advisor
Miracle Mile Advisors

praise-laura-lallone-speakingLaurie is one in a million. She’s so kind and holds such a loving space and she has a brilliant and sharp mind for business. The combination is magical! Her willingness to share all that she knows and all that she sees really touches my heart.

She calls upon such wisdom and intuition to help clear out the old stuff. She’s so spot on that it’s shocking and amusing! A few years back, I arrived for a session and Laurie shared that she had woken up to the smell of skunk in her yard. Knowing that nothing happens by accident, she prepared insight on the meaning behind “skunk energy.”

Wouldn’t you know that insight was EXACTLY what I needed to hear to break through my biggest, self-imposed barrier! Even now, years later, I see how breaking through has significantly improved the way I manage my boundaries and anxiety and the way I communicate. That change has opened up the flow for success in every area of my life.

Laura Lallone
VP, HR Communications
City National Bank

testimonial Christin-MillerLaurie Hacking is blessed with the insight and ability to quickly determine why you are struggling with your business and develop the ideal strategies to get you back on track.

Laurie has helped me uncover limiting beliefs that I was not even aware I had, and then clear them out. She encouraged me to tap into my intuition and become clearer regarding my goals and intentions. With Laurie’s guidance, I have become a more effective communicator, which has enhanced my relationships with my clients.

Because of my work with Laurie I am more confident in my talents and skills, clearer regarding what I want to achieve, and I experience much less “work related” stress. Laurie is not only the most talented coach I have ever worked with, she is also one of the most kind and giving people I know. She is and always will be my trusted advisor.

Christin Miller
Maverick Design and Marketing

Praise-Wendy-DarlingI was fairly new to southern California and was longing for my work to blossom, yet I felt that something within me was getting in the way.  I met Laurie and was drawn to work with her.

After just ONE session, I immediately began attracting clients again.  Her insights, wisdom, connection with spirit and her healing gifts are a blessing to anyone who wants to spread their wings and fly free and in flow.





Wendy Darling
Relationship and Transformational Change Expert
Miraculous Living